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Ever since I found out about it, I have wanted to visit Farm Sanctuary. This year, I planned an entire vegan vacation for Sweetie and me with a visit to Farm Sanctuary as the cornerstone. It’s near Watkins Glen, New York. We arrived in the area on a Friday night and took a tour of the sanctuary on Saturday morning.

Farm Sanc sign 1

There were turkeys. These two were just hanging out, free to roam.

Farm Sanc turk 1

There were more turkeys in an enclosed (but still roomy) area. Here’s one of them. Isn’t it cute?

Farm Sanc turk 2

And then there were goats.

Farm Sanc goats

Then we went to see the pigs. There were two outside just walking around and sniffing and being cute.

 However, it was nap time for  most of the pigs, and we went to have a look at them in the barn. Farm Sanc pigs 1 Farm Sanc pigs 2Then it was on to the cows.  These guys were just hanging out in a barn.

Farm Sanc cowsWe also saw some donkeys, and as soon as I was getting my camera ready, this guy came up and said howdy.

Farm Sanc donkeyI strongly encourage anyone who loves animals to visit Farm Sanctuary; the reason to be vegan will be made very clear there. Check out their website: Farm Sanctuary.Farm Sanc view


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